Workshops and On-site Trainings

Leadership with a purpose (Leading youth & children), Full-day
Great Leaders supports, builds up, train and develop new leaders. This is even more important when working with youth and children. In this seminar, we will discuss and work towards being leaders that
does this very thing. Topics include; What is leadership, building relationships for effective leadership, building trust, developing youth leaders, etc.

Encountering Youth in Todays Culture, 3hrs
In this seminar, we will take a look at the current conditions of the world to determine how it has effected the youth we seek to impact and how we need to adjust in our interactions with youth?

Behavior Management (We offer both a Youth focused & Children focused Workshop), 4hrs
Dealing with behavioral issues with youth and children can become frustrating. In this
seminar we will take a look at the psychological causes of behavior including disinterest, life experiences, the teen attitude, and more. You will also learn and practice a variety of proven strategies to address behavioral issues.

Fund and Resource Development (Developing a team of monthly supporters, volunteers, & receiving donated resources), Full-Day
As a non-profit, it is important to leverage every possible opportunity to develop funds and resources, but very few non-profits take the time to develop a team of financial and resource partners that are made of up everyday people that support the work you are doing. Taking from the funding development model used my missionaries for centuries, this seminar will provide an opportunity to not only learn how to develop a financial and resource partner team but also walk you through starting to develop a team.

Effective Tutoring (We offer both a Youth focused & Children focused Workshop), 4hrs
Tutoring can be very difficult and complex skill to develop. In this seminar, we will discuss ways effective tutoring techniques, as well as, take a look at the importance of knowing yourself and your student in the tutoring relationship.

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