Our Community Training and Development programs seek to provide high-quality online classes, on-site training, and workshops that equip youth workers, childcare providers, and non-profit organization with the necessary skills to develop in their field. 

Online Classes
Our Accredited Continued Education provides an interactive peer to peer learning space to allow you to communicate, spread ideas, share resources, discuss topics and learn.

  • Members have the ability to select the required classes for each User
  • Each User receive their own login
  • Users are able to take classes at your own pace
  • Users have access to over 1000 classes
  • Free Transcripts
  • Free Certificates

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Workshops & On-Site
We provide many opportunities for in person development throughout the year. These opportunities usually take place within our offices but we also bring our workshops to you. This is a great opportunity to see that all of your staff have access to required training.

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Community Training and Development